Terms and conditions of use

Company: SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL, with headquarters in Bragadiru, Ilfov, registered with the Trade Register Office under no. J23 / 1462/2010, CIF RO 26935853, email office@shopamazing.ro

1. Definitions
Amazing - EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS S.R.L., organized under Romanian law.
SITE - Domain Shopamazing.ro and its subdomains
CONTENT has the following definition:
• all SITE information that can be accessed, viewed, or otherwise accessed by using a numeric device;
• the content of any email sent to USERS or CLIENTS by Amazing  by electronic means and / or any other means of communication available;
• any information communicated by any means by an employee of Amazing  to the USER or CLIENT, according to the contact information, whether specified or not;
• information about Amazing  products, services and / or tariffs in a given period;
• information about the products, services and / or tariffs practiced by a third party with whom Amazing  has signed partnership contracts for a given period;
• Amazing  data, or other privileged data.
SERVICE - the e-commerce service conducted exclusively on the publicly available portions of the SITE, in order to allow the CLIENT to contract products and / or services using exclusively electronic means, including other means of telecommunication.
MEMBER - The natural or legal person of public or private law who has or obtains access to CONTENT by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or under a usage agreement between Amazing  and that which requires the creation and use of ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT - an assembly consisting of an email address and a password that allows one MEMBER to access restricted areas of the SITE through which access to the SERVICE is made.
CLIENT - The natural or legal person of public or private law who has or obtains access to CONTENT and SERVICE following the creation of MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT.
DOCUMENT - these Terms and Conditions
Distance contract - as defined in O.G. 130/2000 art. 2 letter a: The contract for the supply of goods or services concluded between a trader and a consumer under a sales system organized by the trader, which exclusively uses, before and at the conclusion of this contract, one or more techniques distance communication;
NEWSLETTER / ALERTA - the means of periodically informing, exclusively electronic, the Amazing  products, services and / or promotions made by Amazing  in any given period without any commitment from Amazing with reference to the information contained therein.
TRANSACTION - cashing or reimbursement of a sum resulting from the sale of a product / service by Amazing  to the Client through the use of Amazing  card processor services, regardless of the delivery method.



2. General
2.1. The document establishes the terms and conditions of use of the site / content / service by the Member or the Client, if it does not have another valid usage agreement concluded between Amazing  and that.
2.2. Use, including but not limited to accessing, visiting and viewing, content / service, implies membership of the member or customer in these terms and conditions unless the content has no distinct terms of use.
2.3. You can access the service only by accessing the public website www.shopamazing.ro.
2.4. By using the site / content / service, the Member or Customer is solely responsible for all activities that result from its use. Also, it is liable for any material, intellectual, electronic or other damage to the site, content, service, Amazing , or any third party with which Amazing  has concluded contracts, in accordance with applicable Romanian law.
2.5. If the User or the Customer disagrees and / or does not accept and / or revokes its acceptance for the document:
• 2.5.1. It gives up: access to the service, other services provided by Amazing  through the site, receipt of newsletters / alerts and / or communications from Amazing  of any nature (electronic, telephone, etc.) without any further warranty from side of Amazing.
• 2.5.2. Amazing will delete all data that refers to it from its database without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party claiming the other damages.
• 2.5.3. It may return at any time to its decision not to agree and / or not accept the document in the form in which it will be available at that time.
2.6. The Customer / Member may at any time return to his or her decision to agree and / or accept the document in the form in which it will be available at that time.
2.7. In order to exercise the right provided in art. 2.5, it may contact Amazing  or use the links in Amazing  content for this purpose.
2.8. The Customer may not revoke the agreement expressed in favor of the document during the course of a Contract or until the latter has paid the value of all Unemployed Contracts to Amazing.
2.9. If the Customer has paid the value of all Unemployed Contracts to Amazing  and revokes the agreement expressed in favor of the document during the execution of an Order, Amazing  will cancel its Order without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party to be able to claim the other damages.
2.10. This site is only for Members who are at least 18 years of age who have registered properly and have not been suspended or removed by Amazing , whatever the reason. The ability to order online is only available to people residing in Romania. Becoming a member denotes that you have legal age.
2.11. The www.shopamazing.ro site operates only on the territory of Romania, and will expand in the EU in the future.



3. Content
3.1.This content, including but not limited to static images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content displayed on the site are the intellectual property of Amazing  or third parties, in which case the content may be followed by the original title and or any other notice required by the rightful owner of that content for which Amazing  is licensed for use and / or publication.
If you have any objections or complaints about intellectual property rights, please report it by email to shopamazing.ro
3.2. The User or the Customer is prohibited from copying, transferring, modifying and / or otherwise altering, using, linking, displaying, including any content in any context other than that originally intended by Amazing, including any content outside the Amazing  site , removing any sign that expresses Amazing's copyright on the content, as well as participating in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the content, except with the express agreement of Amazing.
3.3. Any content to which the Member or the Client has and / or obtains access by any means is under the document, if the content is not accompanied by a specific and valid user agreement concluded between Amazing  and this and without any warranty either implicitly or expressly formulated by Amazing  with reference to that content.
3.4. The Member or the Client may only copy, transfer and / or use the content for personal or non-commercial purposes only if they do not conflict with the provisions of the document.
3.5. If Amazing  confers on the Member or the Customer the right to use, as described in a separate use agreement, a certain content to which the Member has or obtains access under this agreement, this right extends only to that or that content defined in the agreement only during its existence or content on the Site or the period defined in the Agreement under the terms defined in the agreement, if any, and does not represent a contractual commitment on behalf of Amazing  for that Member, Customer or any other third party who has / will gain access to this transferred content by any means and who may or may be harmed in any way from this content during or after the expiration of the use agreement.
3.6. No content transmitted to the Member or the Client by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by accessing, visiting, and / or viewing is not a contractual obligation on behalf of Amazing and / or Amazing Employee mediate the transfer of content, if any, to that content.
3.7. Any use of the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by the document or the accompanying user consent, if any, is forbidden.


4. Contact
4.1. Amazing  publishes on the site the full and accurate identification and contact details of the Customer or Member.
4.2. By using the contact form or service present on the site, the Member or the Client allows Amazing  to contact him by any available means, including electronic means.
4.3. Completing the entire or partial contact form and sending it, is not a commitment from Amazing  to contact the Member or Customer.
4.4. Accessing the site, using the information presented within it, visiting the pages or sending emails or notices to Amazing  is done electronically, by phone, or any other means of communication available to the Member or the Client and Amazing , considering that he agrees to receive notifications from Amazing  in electronic and / or telephone mode, including emails or announcements on the site.
4.5. Amazing  reserves the right not to respond to all requests of any kind received through any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.).

5. Newsletters and alerts
5.1. When a Member or Client creates an account on the site, by accepting the terms and conditions, he or she agrees to receive newsletters and / or alerts by Amazing .
5.2. Data downloaded from Member or Client for sending newsletters and / or alerts may and will be used by Amazing  within the limits of the Privacy Policy.
5.3. The renunciation of newsletters and / or alerts by Member or Client can be made at any time:
• 5.3.1. Using a special link from any newsletters and / or alerts received.
• 5.3.2. By changing your acceptance or receiving newsletters and / or alerts and using restricted area pages by using your account.
• 5.3.3. By contacting Amazing , according to the contact information, and without any further obligation of any party to the other party or without any party claiming the other damages.
5.4. Discontinuing receipt of newsletters and / or alerts does not imply giving up the document's acceptance.
5.5. Amazing  reserves the right to select people to whom it will send newsletters and / or alerts and the right to remove from its database any Member or Customer who has previously expressed their consent to receive newsletters and / or alerts without no subsequent commitment from Amazing , or any prior notice thereof.
5.6. Amazing  will not include in newsletters and / or alerts sent to the Member or Client any other advertising material in the form of content that refers to any third party that is not a partner of Amazing  at the time of sending the newsletters and / or alerts.


6. Privacy Policy
6.1 According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and Free Movement of such Data, as amended and supplemented and of Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL through the www.shopamazing.ro site has the obligation to administer safely and only for the specified purposes, the data personal information you provide about yourself, a member of your family, or another person.
The purpose of data collection is:
- advertising, marketing and advertising (sending newsletters, alerts)
- statistics,
- electronic communication services (resolving cancellations or problems of any kind related to an order or contract, services or products purchased by the customer, contacting the customer in order to confirm and complete the order)
  When accessing the site and communicating personal data or information through the forms available on the site, the data and personal information communicated may be used by SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL: (i) for improvement by SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL products and services offered, as well as managing the relationship with its clients; (ii) for the purpose of providing the services of SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL presented on the site, solving the claims and complaints; (iii) fraud prevention / detection / sanctioning; (iv) for advertising, marketing and advertising purposes (including direct marketing) consisting of making commercial communications by e-mail, mail or other means of direct communication; (v) for the compilation of statistics; (v) in order to undertake other activities by SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL, which are not subject to separate express approval from the user.
By registering on www.shopamazing.ro you declare that you agree to the terms of the Terms and Conditions and you agree that the personal data will enter into the database of SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL, be processed and used by it (personally by empowering), for the production of statistical reports on consumers, direct marketing activities such as informing the persons included in the database of SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL through various means of communication (post, e-mail, SMS or other means of communication permitted by EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL and its partners, sending to the participant various advertising, informative and / or promotional items and / or samples. SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL undertakes that personal data will not be disseminated to third parties except for the empowered and its contractual partners.
You are required to provide the following data:
- Email Address;
- name and surname;
- telephone;
- Full address;
, these being necessary for managing and sending orders made online or by phone. Your refusal determines the incapacity of SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL to honor the placed orders.

Also, S.C. EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL will rectify, update, block, delete or convert anonymous data into all those whose use does not comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001.
SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL undertakes to comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of personal data stored. As such, SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of personal data and to use it in accordance with the legislation in force.
You are guaranteed the rights provided by Law 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of such Data, and in particular regarding:
- the right of access to data according to which any person concerned has the right to obtain from SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL, upon request and free of charge for a request per year, the confirmation that the data concerning it are processed or not by SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL.
- the right of opposition according to which the data subject has the right to oppose at any moment, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to his / her particular situation, that his data are intended to be processed, except where there are other legal provisions to the contrary.
- the right to interfere with the data according to which any person concerned has the right to obtain from SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL, upon request and free of charge: a) the rectification, updating, blocking or deleting of data whose processing is not in conformity law, in particular incomplete or inaccurate data; b) where applicable, the transformation into anonymous data of data whose processing does not comply with the law; c) notifying third persons to whom the data have been disclosed, any operation performed in accordance with subparagraph (a) or (b) if such notification is not impossible or does not involve a disproportionate effort in relation to the legitimate interest which might be harmed.
Upon the express request of any person SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL will assure the exercise of any of the rights set out above.

SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL also complies with all provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of personal data stored both during the Contest and after its conclusion for an unlimited period and, if necessary, to notify to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing any information regarding the collections and the processing of personal data relating to SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL.

6.2. Amazing  can collectively collect other data (IP address, time of visit, access point, Internet browser name and version, operating system, including other parameters) provided by the internet browser through which the site is accessed and can be used by Amazing  to improve the services offered to its Clients or Users, or for statistical purposes; except if the provisions of the document are breached in the event that the result of the Member / Client's actions contradicts its interests or causes damage of any kind on the part of Amazing  and / or any third party with which S.C. EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL has partnership contracts at that time.
6.3. By using the forms available on the site, the Customer or the Member has the right to modify the data he / she has initially stated to reflect any change, if any.
6.4. If the Customer choose for online payment of orders, contract and / or contracts, processing of bank card data is not done exclusively on the bank card processor servers with which Amazing  has signed a contract.
6.5. Amazing  does not request or store any kind of information regarding the customer's card or bank cards.
6.6. The Amazing  Privacy Policy only refers to the data provided voluntarily by the Customer or an Exclusive Member on the site. Amazing  is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced by any third party that can be reached through links, regardless of their nature, outside the site.
6.7. Amazing  obliges Customer / Member's collected data to be used only for declared purposes
6.8. The bank card processor authorized by Amazing  has the right to access / view any type of data / documents generated by an order issued, canceled orders, contract, canceled contract, or honored contract to investigate any Transaction in where this exists.
6.10. Amazing  is not responsible for malfunctions that may endanger the security of the server on which the database containing this data is hosted.


7. Online sales policy
7.1. Access to service
7.1.1. Access to service is allowed to any Member who owns or creates an account.
7.1.2. In order to be granted access to the service, the Member will have to accept the provisions of the document.
7.1.3. Amazing  can limit customer access to work, depending on his or her previous behavior.
7.1.4. It is forbidden to share an account with multiple clients.
7.1.5. If such accesses are discovered, Amazing  reserves the right to cancel or suspend the customer's access to content or service.
7.2. Products and services
7.2.1. Amazing  may post information about products, services and / or promotions practiced by Amazing  or any other third party with which Amazing  has concluded partnership contracts within a certain period and within the available stock limit.
7.2.2. The products and / or services purchased through the service are for exclusive use of the Customer.
7.2.3. Amazing  may limit the ability to purchase products or services available on the site to one or more Customers.
7.2.4. All tariffs for products or services presented on the site are expressed in RON and include VAT.
7.2.5. Rates displayed on the site cut off a line mean the price recommended by the manufacturer for sale in stores, shopping centers or any other commercial space where discounts are not practiced. These tariffs are purely informative and have no legal value.
7.2.6. Invoicing of purchased products is made exclusively in RON.
7.2.7. In the case of Amazing  online payments, it is not / canot be held responsible for any additional cost incurred by the customer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees applied by the card issuing bank, if the currency of issue it differs from RON. Responsibility for this action is borne only by the client.
7.2.8. All information used to describe the products and / or services available on the site (static / dynamic / multimedia / multimedia presentations / images) is not a contractual obligation from Amazing , as a presentation.
7.2.9. In the description of Amazing products and / or services, we reserve the right to use other products (accessories / etc) that may not be included in the cost of the products in question.
7.3. Validity of the offer
7.3.1. Amazing  reserves the right to modify the prices charged for the products and / or services available on the site without prior notice to the Member or Customer.
7.3.2. The purchase price of the products and services is the one at the time of the order being issued, within the available stock limit.
7.3.3. The purchase price of the promotional products and services is the one from the moment the order is issued, within the limit of the stock available and / or the promotional period, if it is defined.
7.3.4. The purchase price of products or services from an issued order canot be changed at any time after its issuance except with the consent of the parties.
7.3.5. The purchase price of products and / or services from a contract honored according to the art can not be changed.
7.3.6. Customer may only discontinue the products and services purchased through the order, only between the issue of the order and its conversion into a contract in accordance with Article 7.4.7, only if the payment method chosen by it is repaid.
7.3.7. The Customer may waive the products and services purchased by order only between the issue of the order and its conversion into a contract under Article 7.4.7 when contacted by Amazing  in accordance with Art. 7.4.2 and the method the payment you choose is with a bank card.
7.3.8. The customer may renounce the products and / or services purchased under the contract, according to art. 7.9.
7.4. Online order

7.4.1. The customer can order commodities sold at a time, exclusively on the site.
7.4.2. By completing the order, the Customer agrees that all the data provided by the buyer is correct, complete and true at the time of placing the order, referred to in this document and the issued order.
7.4.3. By completing the order, the Customer agrees that Amazing  may contact, for the following purposes / situations, by any means available / agreed upon by Amazing , depending on the purpose / situation:
• Non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Client's card of the transaction in the case of payments by bank card;
• Invalidation of the transaction by the Amazing  card processor, in the case of bank card payment.
• Validating the availability of the products and quantities purchased by the Customer.
• Validation by the Client of the value of the ordered order, according to art., and including, depending on the situation, other value-added services (ie transport, etc.)
• Agreeing product delivery details.
7.4.4. Amazing  may automatically terminate the order made by the Customer without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party claiming the other damages in the following cases:
• non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Client's card of the transaction in the case of online payments;
• invalidation of the transaction by Amazing card processor in case of online payment;
• the data provided by the Customer on the site is incomplete or incorrect
• Customer's activity on the Site may and / or may cause damage of any kind to the part of Amazing  and / or its partners
• without any justification.

7.4.5. The client can give up an order when he / she is contacted 7.4.3.
7.4.6. If the Customer waives a payment order with a bank card and in which the bank issuing the Client card has authorized the banking transaction, in the sense of blocking the counter value of the products and services purchased by him / her, the amount will be unblocked by to Amazing  within 48 hours of Amazing  getting to know that.
7.4.7. If some products ordered by the Customer through a payment order with a bank card are not available on stock, Amazing  will inform the customer of this fact and will order the release of the counter value of these products in the Client's account if this amount was blocked on the Customer Card within 48 hours of the date Amazing  took notice of this.
7.4.8. If the customer has chosen the bank card payment method and the value of the ordered products / services has been blocked on his / her card, he / she has the right to modify the contents of his / her order when contacted by Amazing  according to art. 8.4 .3, within the value blocked on your card.
7.4.9. If the Customer has changed its Order under Art. 7.4.8 and the value of its new order is less than the value of the products / services originally commissioned, Amazing  will disable the Customer's account for the amount of the difference between the original and new order value orders within 48 hours of when Amazing took notice of this.
4.7.10. From the time the Customer validates the order value made or Amazing  informs the Customer of his valid order, the order becomes the Distance Contract, cf. O.G. 130/2000 art. 2.
4.7.11. Product delivery details, including but not limited to the time required to deliver, do not constitute a contractual obligation on Amazing , without any party being able to claim the other damages if any party may be or is harmed in any way of violating them.
7.4.12. If a Client modifies his or her personal data using the forms available on the site, all existing contracts at that time retain the data defined / accepted by the Customer prior to the change.
7.5. Order by phone
7.5.1. Customer / Member can not make phone orders, but can only be helped to create an account and place an online order.

7.6. Contract and completion
7.6.1. Amazing  will include in the package sent to the Client all the necessary documents that prove the purchase of the products / services by the Client.
7.6.2. Amazing  will make it easier for the Client to inform you about the completion stage of the order or contract.
7.6.3. The contract, together with the documents proving the delivery to the Client of the products contracted by Amazing, becomes an Honorable Contract.
7.7. Shipping / Delivery
7.7.1. The customer has a means of transporting the purchased products / services, or by means of a courier company.
7.7.2. Deliveries will be made in the following manner: by fast courier, within 2 business days.
7.8. Quality and warranties
7.8.1. Certain products can benefit from a contractual warranty and this will be mentioned in the Product Sheet at the time of its exclusive sale on shopamazing.ro.ro. Clear details of these warranties are provided by the product records and no member may require an extended warranty more than the one mentioned. This means that the Amazing  product warranty is provided by Amazing providers, which is 30 days from the date of delivery, unless otherwise specified in the product description page.
7.8.2. Amazing  does not guarantee the stock availability of any product / service available for purchase on the site.
7.9. Returning products
7.9.1. The Amazing  customer can return the products purchased through a Contract in the following situations:
• Packages show severe damage
• Products that have been delivered wrong
• Products that have erroneously ordered size (s)
• "The consumer has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without penalty and without invoking a reason, within 10 working days of receipt of the product or, in the case of service provision, from the conclusion of the contract. The only costs that can be borne by the consumer is the direct return of products" to the OG 130/2000, for the individuals who purchase products from the sites, using the techniques of distance communication, applying the definitions included in OG. 130/2000 art. 2 lit.e.
7.9.2. The Customer is required to notify Amazing of its intention to return the purchased products by any written means of communication (e-mail / fax / etc) within 10 working days of receipt of the products and / or services, in the case of Art.
7.9.3. The Customer who has notified Amazing  under Article 8.9.2 / art 8.9.3 is responsible for ensuring that the products to which it refers will be returned to Amazing  within 10 working days of the date of dispatch of the notification, contrary to Amazing  considering unfounded / invalid.

7.9.4. The Amazing  customer can not return the products purchased through a Contract, and / or can not claim any other damages / damages for the following purposes or situations:
• Replacing the product purchased with another product with other specifications or a different type, except for the situation provided in art.
• Request for return in the case of art. or caused by any of the situations described in 7.9.1 has a shipment date exceeding the 10 working days provided in Article, on the working day following the date of the honored contract.
• In case of return of the product with one of the causes stated in art. 7.9.1, the returned product is not in the same condition as it was delivered (in the original package with all intact labels and documents that accompanied it).
• Cf. O.G. 130/2000 art. 10 lit.c. Amazing  reserves the right not to accept returns for products that by their nature can not be returned or that can deteriorate or rapidly deteriorate such as linen products, bathing suits, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, leather products, bags, wallets and other accessories in general. The Member / Customer will be informed on each product page if it is returnable or not.
 • For reasons of hygiene, products falling within the following categories are considered to be non-returnable: underwear, tights and earrings. By way of exception, products in these categories may or may not have a return condition on the product page.
 7.9.5. If the product is reimbursed, it will be made within 30 days of the confirmation of the return.
7.9.6. In the case of replacement of the product with an identical one, according to, the replacement shall be done under the conditions and limits of a normal order.
7.9.7. If the Returning Customer returned a product in accordance with the provisions of Article and Amazing  does not have an identical replacement product, it will provide the customer with the counter value of the product in accordance with 8.9.5.
7.9.8. The value of additional services, including but not limited to the transportation of products, paid by the customer, is not refundable.
7.9.9. In all cases, the return / re-shipping costs will be borne by the customer Payment Methods Accepted by SC EWAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SRL
- Payment with bank card: It is done through the approved card processor.
- Payment Refund: Depending on the delivery method, the customer will pay the amount of the refund upon receiving the package, the courier agent.


8. Fraud
8.1. Amazing  does not require customers or users through any means of communication (e-mail / telephone / SMS / etc) information about confidential data, bank accounts or personal passwords.
8.2. Exceptions to art. 8.1 make only the Legal Entities Clients, in the sense that the Amazing  is obtained by the account number, respectively the Customer's Bank, in whose name an order is invoiced.
8.3. The Customer / Member assumes full responsibility for disclosing a third party's confidential data.
8.4. Amazing  disclaims any responsibility if a Member / Client is / is injured in any form by a third party who claims to be or represent the interests of Amazing 
8.5. Customer or Member will inform Amazing  about such attempts using contact data.
8.6. Amazing  does not promote SPAM. Any Member / customer who has explicitly provided his or her email address on the site may choose to delete it.
8.7. Communications made by Amazing  by electronic means of remote communication (i.e., e-mail) contain the full and conforming data of the sender, or links to them, at the time of transmission of the content.
8.8. The following intentions, whether touched or not, will be considered an attempt to trick the site / content and / or Amazing  and will move criminal investigation against the one or those who have attempted to or have touched this Purpose (s):
• 8.8.1. to access any type of data of another Member / Client by using an account or by any other method.
• 8.8.2. to alter or otherwise modify the content of the Site or Content sent by any method by Amazing  to the Member / Client
• 8.8.3. to affect the performance of the server / servers running the site
• 8.8.4. to access or disclose to any third party who does not have the necessary legal authority the content sent by any means by Amazing  to the Member / Client when he / she is not the legitimate recipient of the content.

9. Limitation of responsibility
9.1. Amazing  canot be held accountable to any natural or legal person that uses or relies on content.
9.2. Amazing  canot be held responsible for any kind of damage (directly, indirectly, accidentally or otherwise) resulting from the use or inability to use the content information displayed on the site or for any kind of errors or omissions in presenting content that can lead to any loss.
9.3. If a Member / Client considers that a Content sent by any means by Amazing , violates copyright or any other rights, it may contact Amazing details, in accordance with contact details, so that Amazing  can make an informed decision.
9.4. Amazing  does not guarantee the Member or the customer access to the site or the service and does not give it the right to download or partially and / or totally modify the content, reproduce in whole or in part the content, copy, or exploit any content in any other manner, or to transfer to any third party any content that it has and / or obtained access under an agreement of use without the agreement of Amazing .